ACLT Members Participate in Provider Pal Program

ACLT members Peter Wood, Wood Forest Products, and Steve Venhuizen, Venhuizen Forest Products, have volunteered to represent the logging industry in Minnesota as part of the Provider Pal Program.  The Provider Pal Program is a national public education program that partners specific industries with urban or suburban schools in an effort to educate the students with first-hand knowledge of industries that they would not otherwise be exposed to.  One of the unique aspects of the program is that the classes “adopt” a representative of the industry and develop an ongoing relationship.

For more information on the Provider Pal Program visit:

In supporting these ACLT members and the Provider Pal Program the ACLT furnishes various materials as souvenirs, such as the ACLT Twig Pens, for each student as a reminder of their visit from the logging industry.

In conjunction with the Provider Pal Public Education Program the ACLT and members host area field trips for schools in order to help young people understand and experience forest management and the role that loggers play in supporting healthy forests.

Recently, Peter Wood had the opportunity to host a field trip for the South Range St. Louis County School to his logging site for 150 students and teachers.  Visit or cut and paste the following link for the news story and video of the event:

The ACLT, in conjunction with our industry partners, also distributes an education and informative coloring book to area schools – “Adventures with Chip Green the Forestry Kid”. This large oversized coloring book chronicles a walk through the forest with Chip Green while he discusses the value of the forests, the wildlife habitat supported by the forests, the role of foresters in managing the forests, the products derived from the forests, who harvests the trees, the mills utilization of the timber, reforestation, and sustainability.  If your school is interested in receiving copies of this coloring book free of charge contact the ACLT office.

The ACLT places a high priority in timber industry public education and awareness programs that will honestly present the environmental, recreational, and economic benefits derived from forest management.

A Healthy Forest Industry = A Healthy Forest