Benefits of Forest Management:

  • Wildlife Habitat & Diversity
  • Pride of Ownership
  • Soil Conservation
  • Scenic Beauty
  • Watershed Protection
  • Personal Enjoyment
  • Forest Products
  • Education

Consider a leisurely afternoon spent in your woodland. What characteristics of the forest are most important to you? The scenic beauty of the setting? The wildlife it attracts? The recreation it provides? The timber and firewood it supplies? Perhaps you feel grateful for the protection offered by your forest. Trees act as a windbreak from winter storms and noise buffers from traffic. They filter our water supply and protect our soil from erosion while improving air quality and providing habitat for wildlife. A forest is a renewable source of wood that builds our homes and pulp that makes our paper. It is all of these at once and still retains its beauty when managed properly.

Forests supply people with products we need to survive and others we desire to be more comfortable. Forests provide us with food, paper, lumber, firewood, recreation, clean water, sporting goods, wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, and much more. Without each of these, our life style would change greatly.

Fortunately, forests are renewable. Tree seedlings will flourish after each harvest and young trees will grow where older trees once stood, as long as the harvest is properly planned. The best way to maintain or conserve the health and productivity of forests is to manage them following a plan. Along with ensuring forest regeneration, a management plan can protect all of the pieces that make up a forest including the trees, soils, water, plants, wildlife, and natural beauty. Good planning and properly applied management techniques are the keys to meeting these objectives in a forest.

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The contacts listed below may assist you in your forest management planning and objectives:

  • Associated Contract Loggers & Truckers of Minnesota, Gilbert, Scott Dane, 218-780-5927
  • Bell Timber, Management Assistance Program, 877-633-4334,
  • Blandin Paper, Grand Rapids, Cheryl Adams, Forest Resources Manager, 218-327-6482,
  • Furturewood, Two Harbors, Brian Gulseth, 218-821-7843
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Gary Michael, Private Forest Management, 651-259-5262
  • Potlatch, Bemidji, Brian Bignall, Wood Procurement Manager, 218-759-4302 (o) or 218-368-3750 (c)
  • Verso Paper, Duluth, Paul Agurkis, Senior Forester, 218-244-0379 / Justin Holmes, Procurement Forester, 715-204-2943