2013 Annual Meeting and Banquet Packs the House

The 2013 ACLT Annual Meeting and Banquet lived up to its reputation as the premier timber industry business and social event of the year and was an unparalleled success enjoyed by a sold out crowd of 350 timber industry partners.

Following the business meeting, the guests enjoyed the “breakup” social hour and perused the many silent auction items. The silent auction proved to be the most successful silent auction fundraiser ever for the ACLT. This can be attributed to the many generous donations and generous bidding by the ACLT members and those attending.

The sumptuous buffet of carved prime rib, walleye, chicken and all of the side dishes was enjoyed by the guests. As is to be expected with loggers and truckers many plates were observed piled high with mountains of food. Dessert was provided compliments of Kim and Darwin Rasmusson as a gesture of thanks to the timber industry for rallying around their daughter Katina who is battling cancer.

During the dinner the corporate sponsors of the 2013 ACLT Annual Meeting were recognized. Without this partnership between industry stakeholders hosting a successful and entertaining event would not be possible.

The ACLT believes that the foundation of the timber industry is the men and women that do their jobs quietly and professionally every day, but do not necessarily receive any recognition for their contribution to the logging and trucking industry. That is why each year the ACLT awards recognition to a select group that have had a positive impact on the logging and trucking industry of Minnesota. The 2013 ACLT Guests of Honor were;

  • Chuck Meyer, MNDNR
  • Jessie Rutar, Rutar Logging
  • Susie Scheff, Scheff Logging
  • Steve Lindberg, Lindberg Logging
  • Wallace Kuehl, Kuehl Logging

After the banquet and awards presentations the guests were treated to a private performance of the Red Green Show, courtesy of the timber industry corporate sponsors. Red Green performed his stand up humor for over an hour keeping the audience laughing.

During Red Green’s performance he welcomed a new member, John Aho, Aho Forest Products, Kettle River to the Possum Lodge. As an Honorary Member, John was presented with a Duct Tape wallet with a personally embossed membership card, lapel pin, membership patch, t-shirt and coffee mug.

In closing Red Green noted the various interests in the audience ranging from loggers, truckers, vendors, mills, insurance companies, financial institutions and guests by stating like he does on his show “We’re All In This Together”.